Throughout the years the company has been extremely instrumental in underwater cleaning, examination and repair of vessels and is the originator of "SVUE" (Special Vessel Underwater Examination). This process, currently known as AHE, was developed by Specialty Diving to inspect the hulls of gaming and other passenger/non passenger vessels in lieu of dry-docking and was nationally approved by the US Coast Guard in 1998. 

Specialty Diving provides underwater construction and underwater bridge inspection services throughout the United States.

Specialty Offshore and Specialty Diving offer full-service commercial diving services and marine construction services for the oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico as well as power plants, paper mills, chemical plants, water treatment facilities and dams and bridges throughout the world. Most importantly this group provides cost effective and innovative solutions for all phases of inland and offshore production. Its owner, Ms. Deborah Wallace, brings over 25 years of executive management experience in the marine business, with over 30 years in the diving industry. Many key staff members have been with Ms. Wallace since 1984 and are dedicated to the success of both companies. 

UNderwater COnstRuction Services