Our extraordinary performance is due to the conscientious, professional individuals employed by Specialty Diving and Specialty Offshore who produce solid results.  Our efforts have significantly reduced employee injuries and health risks and have helped to advance our TARGET Safety Mission.

TARGET: A Company Safety Mission

  • Total

          Sharing a steadfast commitment to safety

  • Awareness

          Promoting safety with such aides as health and safety videos, safety training exercises, safety drills and placards

  • Risk Assessment

          Focusing on hazard identification, elimination and control; early intervention and feedback about unhealthy and unsafe work             practices; positive reinforcement of safe work practices.

  • Goals

          Achieving zero incidents

  • Educate

          Facilitating learning as it applies to safety objectives

  • Team

          Company teamwork enables Specialty Diving and Specialty Offshore to lead the industry.

A significant and vital aspect of the company culture

Specialty Diving and Specialty Offshore maintain health, safety, and environment (HSE) as a core value and provide support on HSE matters.  Our goal will always be to create an incident-free environment and conduct business with no adverse environmental impact.  We continually demonstrate industry leadership in HSE performance and maintain a high level of achievement.

We are committed to guaranteeing that all regulatory health, safety, and environmental protection requirements are upheld and that adequate resources are provided to ensure the health and safety of employees and preservation of the environment.