Specialty Offshore's services include:

  • Inspection of oil rigs
  • Anode installation and replacement
  • Laying pipe
  • Locating broken or leaking pipe and assisting in repair
  • Performing site clearance and ABS inspections
  • Underwater burning, wet welding, and NDT
  • Hot Taps
  • Plugging and abandonment support
  • Riser installation and removal
  • Pipeline burial and abandonment

Specialty Offshore

Specialty Offshore currently operates in the Gulf of Mexico and continues to expand into international waters.  We are recognized throughout the United States and abroad with clients such as oil and gas companies and construction and engineering firms.

The primary function of Specialty Offshore is to maintain and repair oil field structures and assist in a variety of related service tasks.  Our divers are equipped to work in 0'-200' with air diving and 130'-300' with mixed gas although the majority of shallow work is performed in 60 feet or less.