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Water purification, treatment and flow systems, as well as pipelines and intake-and-outfall structures are all under our umbrella of expertise.

Intake & Outfall
  • Complete inspections of client intake structures:  - ultrasonic testing                          - radiography                                 - video photography

  • Removal of mud and debris

  • Complete repair services, including re-coating

  • Traveling screen fabrication, installation and repair

  • Stop-log and de-watering support


  • Internal manned and unmanned penetrations to 5,000 feet

  • Complete underwater inspections including ultrasonic testing, radiography and video photography

  • Complete reporting of joint conditions

  • Design and installation of internal piping and chemical feed systems

Water purification systems

  • Removal of material build-up from clarifying units and filter media units

  • Complete repair and replacement of all underwater concrete and steel structural components

Water treatment grid sm.jpg
  • Diving operations in hazardous waste, contaminated water and chemical solutions

  • Diving operations for hot water environments such as aeration ponds, cooling towers and process water holding tanks

  • Working in potable water tanks and adhering to AWWA guidelines

And beyond
  • Provide Quality Control Assurance with company divers able to verify the quality of work done by third party contractors

  • Perform inspections and maintenance on passenger vessels and casinos, following the guidelines developed by Specialty Diving and placed into law in lieu of dry docking

  • Pile removal 

  • HazMat Diving 

  • Diamond Wire Saw Cutting

  • Paper Mills

  • Dock inspection and repair

  • Bridge rehabilitation and pile encapsulation

  • Sheet pile inspection and repairs

  • Pipeline penetrations

  • Inspection, repair, and complete rebuilding of intake cells, traveling screens, and pumps

  • Power plant and utility inspection

  • Water tank inspections, cleaning, and dredging

  • Paper mill liner replacement and aeration pond mainetance

  • NDT and cathodic protection

  • Valve fabrication and installation

  • Lock and dam work, including inspection and repairs of draft tubes and trash racks

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