Specialty Offshore and Specialty Diving offer full-service commercial diving services and marine construction services for the oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico as well as power plants, paper mills, chemical plants, water treatment facilities and dams and bridges throughout the world


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Specialty Diving and Specialty Offshore have the experience to provide creative solutions that are custom-tailored to specific client situations.  We still continue to be recognized for our innovative process such as the Special Vessel Underwater Examination (SVUE).

  • Led the Federal Bridge Inspection program working with the Mississippi and Louisiana DOT and federal legislators

  • Developed innovative work in internal pipeline penetrations, repair, and inspection

  • Designed and implemented the complete underwater survey process for the USCG's Alternate Hull Examination program or SVUE

  • Awarded "Safe Sub-Contractor of the Year Award" (2002) by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • Selected prime contractor to service the New Orleans District as well as multiple districts throughout the United States for the Army Corps of Engineers

  • Performed exemplary work in times of crisis during Hurricane Katrina and during the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill Recovery Program in the Gulf of Mexico



Growing up in Fargo, North Dakota, owner and founder Deborah Wallace became a certified Radiologic Technologist, and enrolled in scuba diving classes.  She eventually pursued a career as a diving instructor.  In 1984 when she moved to Louisiana, Ms. Wallace took advantage of an opportunity to expand her career to commercial diving.  

Thus, with the aid of another commercial diver and the assistance of a salesperson, she formed Diving Services International, Inc.  Recognizing the need for quality dive services, her group would provide underwater inspection and repair for industrial, chemical, government entities and private companies.

By 1991 the business changed to Specialty Diving and continued to grow through its innovative methods, particularly in the area of vessel hull inspections and wet welding for in situ repairs. In 1997 Specialty Diving of Louisiana entered the offshore business and now with its sister company, Specialty Offshore, was fully engaged in servicing the gas and oil industry. In 2000, Offshore extended its marine services and purchased its first vessel In 2009, subsequently adding to the fleet as time went on. The following year, when the disastrous Gulf oil spill occurred, Specialty Offshore was contacted by British Petroleum and after reaching an agreement, released two of its vessels to the oil firm for exploratory use. Essentially, these ships, with teams of scientists onboard, engaged in the research of Gulf marine life and the long-term effects of the spill on the ocean’s ecosystem. During the Oil Spill Recovery Program, USES also contacted Offshore, who through a third party was able to secure 9 barges and 3 tugboats for cleanup purposes.  In 2020, the owner decided to replace the older vessels with a newly renovated 4-point anchor dive boat, the DSV Specialty Operator.  The vessel is utilized by oilfield and oilfield support companies.  The owner continues to diversify and is now in the dredging industry, with assets allowing expansion in this arena, along with the diving services.



“SPECIALTY” operates under two separate Louisiana corporations:

•    Specialty Diving of Louisiana, Inc. (SDI), incorporated in 1992.
•    Specialty Offshore, Inc. (SOI), incorporated in 1997.

Deborah Wallace is the CEO and owner of both SDI and SOI.

Historically SDI has operated in the inland waterways and SOI has operated in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM).  Both entities are commercial, industrial-marine diving and services companies.

In 2019 management recognized several requirements not being fulfilled thus creating an opportunity to expand into underserved areas; dredging and coastal restoration. The need for these services are evident today and expanding. This was an opportunity for SDI to diversify, which is a primary reason for continued success of the Specialty companies since the early 1990s. SDI’s key management, including Deborah Wallace, became part of an industry panel to create a Louisiana Contractors License to assist in this expanding field. SDI obtained this license in 2019 to support coastal restoration and habitat enhancement. As a result, ownership has decided to utilize SDI to concentrate on dredging.

The management vision has been to alter the course of the two companies:  SDI now concentrates its planning, sales, and projects on dredging and coastal restoration. SOI will continue to pursue projects in the GOM, but will expand into the inland waterways, as was previously the focus of SDI.

SOI has a built in advantage, as an affiliate and sister company to SDI, of the vast years of experience through engagement of the same key management team.  This team is available and possesses expertise for both inland and offshore markets.  SOI’s experience will be demonstrated through the history of SDI’s hundreds of contracts and successful projects in refineries, USACE, USCG, paper mills, power plants, and other private and government entities.  Our crew members also possess both inland and offshore experience which allows us to continue to service our clients with the excellence they deserve.


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